NYC 2019

NYC 2019 July 10-14 (RMD Travel Dates July 9-17 tentative)
Cost $1750 (Registered by Jan. 1st 2019)
$1900 after DEADLINE to register is Feb. 10th 2019
  1. who can go?
    Any student who is entering the 9th-grade fall of 2019 through 2019 graduates.
  2. Cost?
    $100 deposit and registered before Jan. , 2019 total cost is $1750- Registrations received after Jan. 1st are $1900. Deadline to register is Feb. 10, 2019
  3. Wait! What is NYC?
    Nazarene Youth Conference is an event for H.S. Students with the purpose of gathering USA/Canada NYI Students for Worship, Discipleship, Service, Celebration, and Leadership Development.
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  1. Travel Dates
    July 9 Travel to Phoenix, AZ July 10-14 NYC with 7000 Teens! July 14 Travel to Los Angeles, CA July 15 Disneyland! July 16 Tourism in the LA Area July 17 Travel Home (the 9th and 17 are tentative at this point please be flex for travel on the 8th or 18th)
  2. Contact
    Joe Arnold [email protected] 307-287-3526
  3. NYC Website
    Get the latest information, history of the event, add your name to the prayer wall, and download promo videos to share with your church:
NYC Website
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