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A Call to Rocky Mountain District-wide Prayer and Fasting...

Dear Pastors, Church Leaders, and Family of the Rocky Mountain District,

Hopefully, many of you have taken the survey that the committee placed on the Internet through Survey Monkey. We “Thank You” and now the District Advisory Committee will compile that information and get that to Dr. Robert Broadbooks and Dr. Gustavo Crocker (General Superintendent in Jurisdiction) to begin the process of finding a candidate who meets the criteria. Our Regional Director, Dr. Robert Broadbooks, will meet with the District Advisory Committee in late March to present to the committee the names of those candidates. Please understand that at this point, those names will be kept private. There is such a wonderful spirit and an overwhelming sense that God is faithful and He will lead us through this transition time.

We are reminded that “Prayer is not preparation for the battle, prayer is the battle!” We are calling each congregation, pastor, church leader, and laity to a time of prayer and fasting. The steps we are taking in determining where we are as a district, and what we need in the new District Superintendent are good and appropriate; however, it is only the work of men unless we are seeking the heart of God. We believe we need to bathe this entire process in prayer and storm the throne of God on behalf of our District. Many of you have already been praying individually and perhaps even in your churches; hopefully, that will continue and increase in the days ahead. The District Advisory Council would also like to encourage all our pastors in each Dream Team Area to meet together in a season of prayer.

We are also asking that we take each Friday during the remainder of February and all of March as a day of prayer and fasting all across the Rocky Mountain District. Also, please add this important announcement, and call to prayer, in your Sunday bulletins, e-communications, worship announcements, to your intercessors, and concerted prayer times within your local congregation or prayer partners. Mark Batterson in his book ‘Draw the Circle’ gives us a positive thought, “Bold prayers honor God and God honors bold pray-ers.” Now is not the time for timid prayers.
As we continue this journey together, we challenge you to pray BOLD prayers – a specific area of prayer is that God directs us during the transition time so that His Kingdom Group called Nazarenes here in the Rocky Mountain District prospers in the midst of our search, even as our souls proper! 

We look forward to the exciting things God has in store as we seek Him together for our new leader!
Remember you’re loved and appreciated!

District Advisory Council – Prayer Team Chair
Rev. Ed Davis

General Superintendents statement on Human Sexuality