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A Call to Rocky Mountain District-wide Prayer and Fasting...

To:  All Rocky Mountain District Church of the Nazarene Pastors, District, and Local Leaders, members, and friends of all Congregations

Greetings in the Majestic Name of our Gracious Lord!
By now you are aware that Rev. Bill (Coach) Carr and Janet will be retiring as our District Superintendent Family.  Though we will miss them and their excellent leadership, we rejoice in that decision, and we pray for God’s favor to pave the way before them and rest upon them in the new adventure to come!

Your District Advisory Council recently met with our USA/Canada Regional Director, Dr. Robert Broadbooks, to consider the next steps in locating God’s anointed, future leader for our district.  The Holy Spirit’s presence was evident throughout the meeting, giving each of us the assurance that He will guide us through this time of transition!
We prayerfully discussed and decided upon the beginning aspects of the transition – so that we do not “rush” the process, and working with each congregation on our District to determine our strengths and weaknesses as a District, as well as determining together the gifts/graces needed in a new District Superintendent. 

We are aware that we serve a praying people here on our District, and that you have already begun to pray for these needs.  Indeed, we felt the effect of those prayers in our first meeting, and we are aware that we need them to increase in the days ahead!
We have a timeline for the process that will take us to the month preceding the Assembly, and the members of the District Advisory Council are committed to praying, fasting and listening for God’s voice!! – and we invite you to join us in this united effort.
As we travel this journey together, we challenge you to pray BOLD prayers – the first specific area of prayer is that God directs us during the transition time so that His Kingdom Group called Nazarene's here on the Rocky Mountain prospers in the midst of our search, even as our souls prosper! 

Pastors and Church Leaders, we ask you to include this important call to Prayer and Fasting in your communications –  highlighted in your worship folders and announcements, on your church website, Facebook page, and other social media outlets, emails, bulletin boards, etc. 
We look forward to the exciting things God has in store as we seek Him together for our new leader!